Writer, Director
Véronica Duport Deliz

My name is Véronica Duport Deliz. I am a Swiss-American filmmaker and have been a San Francisco Bay Area resident for more than nine years. My passion for film began many years ago through my involvement as a protagonist in a documentary called The Blue Beyond, a poignant film about the rescue and release of a dolphin held in captivity off the coast of Colombia. That experience became the driving influence that led me to becoming a filmmaker.

This short film means a lot to me and to many other industry professionals who will be contributing their skills, time and energy to the project. Aside from being a fascinating and intriguing Murder-Mystery fiction, this film is a key element of my Master Studies in Cinema. As a Panavision New Filmmaker Award winner and Fotokem Award winner, I’ve been given the opportunity to shoot The Wright Murders in 35mm, celebrating the artistry and cinematic look that’s possible only through that medium!

This past summer I had the privilege of having my first-year film officially selected for the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner. Only a dedicated team effort can bring about such results, and for this reason, I’ve asked the same team of fantastic professional filmmakers to join me on this new adventure!

As the Art of filmmaking is a fascinating and collaborative endeavor, today I have decided to start this Indiegogo campaign and open the doors to a process of worldwide collaboration! To bring this film to light, I need your help, so come join us and be part of the team that will make it all happen!